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A watch can say a lot about a person. In today's modern, technology driven society it's easy to overlook the simple yet complex elegance of a well-made watch. The Alain Silberstein Krono is a line of watches that help you stand out while capturing time in the only real way that we can. With different designs and different inspirations, these limited edition watches are among the finest in the world and are created by a master watchmaker who is considered a legend in the industry. Since 1986, the Alain Silberstein Company has been making their mark on time by creating incredible time pieces. One unique aspect of the Alain Silberstein Krono is the 'Smileday' feature. Instead of presenting you with numbers or letters for the day of the week, these watches utilize smiles. Monday is represented with a frowning face, and as each day brings you closer to the weekend the face gradually gets happier until it is grinning ear to ear on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before resetting itself as the workweek begins anew. The month is represented alongside these faces in simple to understand numbers, and the company's trademark yellow, blue, and red hands keep track of the seconds, hours, and minutes of each day. Some models of the Alain Silberstein Krono were inspired by the 'steampunk' era. The steam driven industrial revolution has inspired much in the art and entertainment world over the years and these watches capture the vibe of that long-ago era perfectly. Of course, other models move away from the steampunk days while still utilizing styles that are similar but all their own. It is one of the most varied lines produced by the company and the different editions will each feature slight changes in designs or features while still maintaining the overall vibe of the basic design. There are plenty of reasons to consider an Alain Silberstein Krono for yourself or as a gift. Those who appreciate the importance of time as well as just what high quality craftsmanship can offer will find that few things are as striking as wearing one of these watches. They'll not only serve their timekeeping purposes, but start up more conversations and turn more heads than practically any other watch. Other luxury watches are excellent, but their designs are very similar to one another. A watch from this unique French watchmaker will stand out and set you apart from others.

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    excellent Chopard Mille Miglia GMT 161276-5001 Black Rubber Strap Mens Swiss 7750 Watch, good seller with patient service and fast shipping
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by Alexandra Valerio, From:Yugoslavia Ivanjica
    The Patek Philippe watch is just as described. It appears to be of high quality. I plan to use it for semi-casual dress. The band is comfortable. Overall, I'm happy with it.
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by Kostas Mathioudakis, From:Poland Poznan
    This Breitling Bentley 6.75 Big Date A4436212 Swiss 7750 Silver Stainless Steel Strap Watch is the perfect product for that. I can't judge distance very well and this product helps tremendously. Great product! A friend recommend this product to me.
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by Mabel Reyes, From:France Saint Pierre Du Perray

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