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World of Watches introduces you to luxurious, health-promoting Philip Stein Watches. Founded in 2002, Philip Stein is the brainchild of an expert watchmaker and businessman who together wished to harness the power of the Earth natural frequency in a luxury watch. Borne from that vision is an extraordinary timepiece brand that has been earning rave reviews not only for its health benefits but also its unique modeling and stylish appearance. Philip Stein proprietary technology is embedded into a metal disk within each watch, matching the natural frequency of the Earth and promoting a positive mood balance that helps the body relax and feel at ease. Even better, Philip Stein watches are available at World of Watches at incredible prices, putting your wallet at ease as well.

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    I have the black and the brown love them, it was hard to make up my mind which one to keep, so both are staying they are stunning and very beautiful elephant watches they are very noticeable and they are stunning to look at. love them both
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by KITTY ROOT, From:United States Chicago
    I love her bracelet designs have atleast a dozen but they get more travel time than I do - stones are always coming out and I'm having to return them. They are a little too expensive to be purchased as a decoration for my dressing table. I've had to stop purchasing her items.
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by Geoffrey Clarke, From:United Kingdom St Austell
    Excellent transaction, fast delivery. A+++
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by Amanda Scholes, From:England Wantage

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